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Dr.J.L Mazher Iqbal (India), mazheriq@gmail.com
Dr.Prabuddh Kr. Mishra (India), prab19@gmail.com
Dr.Ramkrishna Singh Solanki (India), ramkssolanki@gmail.com
Dr. Suvardhan Kanchi (South Africa), ksuvardhan@gmail.com
Dr. Eng. Magdy Shayboub A. Mahmoud.(Egypt), magdy01sh@yahoo.com
Dr. R. K. Singh (India), rksingh@ipu.ac.in
Dr.S. JOHN MANOHAR, (India), johnmanohar2011@gmail.com
(Prof.) Dr. Nirvesh Mehta. (India), nirveshmehta11@gmail.com
Dr.S.R.Sitre (India), shashikant_sitre2008@rediffmail.com
Dr.C.JAYA SUBBA REDDY (India), cjsreddysvu@gmail.com
Dr. L. Mary Immaculate Sheela (India), drsheela09@gmail.com
Dr Mohamed El-Esawi (India), elesawi2005@yahoo.com
Dr. Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani, (India)chandresh.chhatlani@gmail.com

Dr.K.Santhi Sree (India), kakara_2006@jntuh.ac.in
Dr. Mohd Shakir (India), aligarhshakir@gmail.com
Dr. Yogesh A. Chaudhari (India), yogeshchaudhari2007@yahoo.com
Dr. V. Ananthaswamy (India), ananthu9777@rediffmail.com
Dr. Umesh Sharma (India), umesh1877@gmail.com
Dr.Sita Ram Pal (India), srpal74@gmail.com
Dr. PG Jangamlung Richard (India), richpgj@gmail.com
Dr.C.Jaya Subba Reddy (India), cjsreddysvu@gmail.com
Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera (India), santoshbehera.jkc@gmail.com
Dr.Sreedevi Kadiyala (India), sreedevikadiyala@gmail.com
Prof.(Dr) Lalat Keshari Pani (India), lalat.pani@gmail.com
Dr.Mukesh Negi (India), mukesh.negi@bt.com
Dr SANGEETA SHARMA (India), rpsharma44@gmail.com
Dr. Suvardhan Kanchi(South Africa), ksuvardhan@gmail.com
Dr. Sunil Kumar (India), sunil786kumar19@yahoo.com
Dr. Debabrata Karmakar(Portugal), debabrata.karmakar@centec.tecnico.ulisboa.pt
Dr. Bassey Oben, (Nigeria)basseyoben1@gmail.com

Assoc. Prof. Sanjeev Gogga, (India)goggasanjeev@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Shubhendu S. Shukla, (India)http://ssshubhendu.wix.com/shubhendu
Ms. Neelam Bajpai, (India)neelu.baj222@rediffmail.com
Asst. Prof. Jyoti Dhiman, (India)jyotidhiman199@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Shadab Ahmad, (India)shadab051@gmail.com
Asst. Prof.Rajesh Duvvuru, (India)rajeshduvvuru.cse@nitjsr.ac.in
Mr. Kundan Lal Verma, (India)klv.elect@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Lieutenant. J.GANESAN, (India)powergrid4@gmail.com
Prof P.Kiran Sree, (India)profkiransree@gmail.com
Asst. Prof.A.Dennis Ananth, (India)denisananth@gmail.com
Prof. Gautam Vikhe, (India)gautamvikhe@gmail.com
Assoc. Prof. Peng LI, (India)lipeng@bjtu.edu.cn
Research Bhavya Nain , (India)bhavyanain@gmail.com

Mr. Chandrakant Badgaiyan, (India)chandrakant.elex@gmail.com
MS Suresh Rana, (USA)suresh.rana@gmail.com
Assoc. Prof. Mahendra N. Umare, (India)mnu72@rediffmail.com
Lect. Ashish Jadhav, (India)ashish1987jadhav@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Ravindra N. Jogekar , (India)ravindra.jogekar79@gmail.com
Research Kundan Lal Verma, (India)klv.elect@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Gudikandhula Narasimha Rao, (India)gudikandhula@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Varun kumar, (India)varun.management@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Narasimha Rao Gudikandhula, (India)gudikandhula@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. v s sivakumar, (India)sundarsivakumar31@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Virendra Foke, (India)virendrafoke@gmail.com
Lect. Shiraz Afzal, (India)engr.shirazafzal@gmail.com
Lect. Godfred Owusu - Boateng, (Ghana)godfredowusuboateng@yahoo.com
Asst. Prof. Abhishek Tiwari, (India)abhishek.tiwari346@gmail.com

Lect. Yibeltal Nigussie Ayele, (Ethopia)yibie1985@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Sudipta Das, (India)sudipta.das1985@gmail.com
Mr.Pharindra Kumar Sharma, (India)gwalior0312@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Chandra Mukherjee, (India)chandra.caluniv@gmail.com
Prof KIRAN, (India)pkiransree@gmail.com
Mr. Zubair Nazeer, (India)zubairmalik.2009@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. P.C. Srinivas, (Ethiopia)pcsrinivaas@gmail.com
Researcher Jiban Shrestha, (Nepal)jibshrestha@yahoo.com
Asst. Prof. Rajeev Kumar, (India)transistor.bjt@gmail.com
Prof.Isa Maleki, (Iran)maleki.misa@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. VIJAY RAGHAVAN.P, (India)raghavan_pp@rediffmail.com
Prof.Sachin Madhavrao Kanawade,(India)sachinkanawade2012@rediffmail.com
Prof.S.D.Charkha, (India)sd_charkha@rediffmail.com
Asst. Prof. P.Sathyaprakash, (India)sathyapt02@gmail.com
Lect. Aitizaz Ali, (Lahore)aitizaz.ali@skt.umt.edu.pk
Asst. Prof.Vinod Kumar Yadav, (India)vinodrockcsit@gmail.com
Dr. Shazia Abdul Hamid Khalfe, (Sukkur)shaziasaleemqazi@gmail.com

If you are interested to be part of the IJoART Editorial Review Board, please send us your CV at member.board@ijoart.org

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